Enola PA: The Land of Community and Family

Enola, Pennsylvania, is a small town in the heart of Lancaster County. Enola has been known as the Land of Community and Family for years because it is one of those towns where everyone knows each other, and they all work together to make Enola a better place to live. Enola has always been proud to be called home by many generations, including people from Ireland, Germany, Poland, Sweden, and Italy; Enola’s rich heritage provides its residents with an extensive network of family members who love them unconditionally. Information can be found here.

Enola, Pennsylvania Enola is a borough in east-central Lancaster County. Enola’s proximity to major highways makes it easily accessible from all areas of Central Pennsylvania, with an Amtrak train station providing easy access to downtown Philadelphia as well as several bus routes that have stops right outside their own Enolian Square Shopping Center, which hosts shops such as Weis Markets Grocery Store, Dollar General, Rite Aid Pharmacy, Subway Sandwich Shop and more! Enola has a community-oriented atmosphere offering many family activities and yearly events for residents to enjoy throughout the year. See here for information about Live in New Cumberland, PA: What to Know.

Enola, Pennsylvania Enola is a small community located in the hills of northeastern Pennsylvania. Enola was founded in 1851 and has been home to dozens of families since its founding. Today Enola offers many recreation opportunities, with over twelve miles of hiking trails surrounding its borders and biking trails through town.